Business solutions for the hospitality and retail niches

Stellar Systems sells business solutions that’ll help your hospitality or retail business make more happy customers more often, so you can make more profit.

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Point of sale

Get a point of sale system with cloud-based functionality that makes your clients' payments child's play

Stellar Systems is a proud TallOrder authorised partner.

What is TallOrder? It’s South Africa’s best point of sale solution, with cloud-based capabilities.

If you run a hospitality or retail business, TallOrder is for you.

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Food service

Food service industry products

Get the best food service industry machines and make more happy clients more often, for more profit.

DIHR Sixteen Compartment Glass Rack

Sixteen compartment glass rack

A fantastic polypropylene rack for storing glasses. If you run a restaurant where beverages feature heavily, or a busy pub, this is a great addition to your kitchen. Perfect for glasses with a diameter less than 108 mm.

DIHR Twenty Compartment Cup Rack

Twenty compartment cup rack

This is the perfect polypropylene rack for storing cups. if you run a busy coffee shop, this rack will help you keep your crockery sorted.

DIHR Nine Compartment Glass Rack

Nine compartment glass rack

Make sure your glassware and other crockery is stored securely with this nine compartment polypropylene glass rack.


Latest articles from our news desk

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soft serve business system

The perfect soft serve business system

If you’re looking for a system to run your restaurant, pub or retail shop, Stellar Systems can help. And although we offer what we believe is the best point of sale in the Eastern Cape, we offer more than a POS. It might just be the perfect business system, even if you’re only trying to set up a small soft serve shop.

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