You own a business. Maybe it’s a bakery, bar, barbershop, beauty parlour, BnB, butchery, coffee shop, gun shop, pawn shop, restaurant, spaza shop or toy shop. Or maybe it’s another hospitality or retail business.

Things are going swimmingly, but you’re running a point of sale system so archaic you’re sure it was used on the RMS Titanic. And like the Titanic, it gives you a sinking feeling.

That’s because you have this nagging sense that a point of sale shouldn’t be this laborious and unintuitive.

We have the perfect solution for you. It’s called TallOrder and it comes with amazing benefits, not least of which is its cloud-based functionality.

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The perfect soft serve business system

If you’re looking for a system to run your restaurant, pub or retail shop, Stellar Systems can help. And although we offer what we believe is the best point of sale in the Eastern Cape, we offer more than a POS. It might just be the perfect business system, even if you’re only trying to set up a small soft serve shop.

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