Another Jeffreys Bay restaurant, 9 Oosterland, signs up for our fantastic integrated POS

Pirow opts for the TallOrder point of sale and loves the level of service he receives from Stellar Systems.
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Table of Contents

One of the town’s most beloved residents, Pirow, has de-franchised and opened a restaurant wholly owned by him. The restaurant is called 9 Oosterland.

To de-franchise is no small undertaking, and reopening a restaurant you’re the sole owner of requires mental and physical focus many people don’t have. Pirow, however, has no lack of either.

But which tools would he choose to help run his restaurant? Choosing the wrong POS, for instance, will add more laborious hours to a day than is necessary.

This leads to a focus on tools and fighting logistical fires. Both of those scenarios take his focus off the client, which is detrimental to business.

That’s why, when Pirow needed a POS, he chose TallOrder.

One happy client

Is Pirow happy with his choice?

Read the following (five star) review he left us on Google:

We never imagined that this level of service was even possible. Stellar systems’ Ricky installed the operating system for our restaurant and provided staff training. His professionalism and attention to detail are admirable. He truly exceeded all our expectations. We wholeheartedly recommend his services.

Why use TallOrder?

TallOrder meets all the requirements a restaurant has for a point of sale.

Read on to see why you should invest in this POS.

Integrate with accounting

Because TallOrder integrates deeply with Sage, Xero and other cloud-based accounting software, it’s easy to perform crucial restaurant accounting, leaving you free to focus on what else you could do to get more feet through the door.

Accept any payment type

TallOrder makes it easy for a restaurant to accept payments of most types, including:

  • with cash
  • by card
  • via digital system
  • via mobile wallet
  • through NFC

That means the client can enjoy a delicious meal and stress-free payment.


Because TallOrder runs in the cloud, everything remains synced at all times.

You needn’t worry about performing manual syncing, which could lead to serious errors if you miss something or someone else forgets to sync.

Access TallOrder from anywhere there’s internet access, making it easy to ensure your operation runs smoothly.

Reward loyalty

The best customer is a returning customer.

And what better way to ensure you get more returning customers than by rewarding loyalty?

TallOrder allows you to set up a rewards system to ensure your customers become loyal followers of your brand.

TallOrder even takes it a step further. You can set up loyalty tiers, which is a fantastic way to get loyal customers coming in more often.

Who is TallOrder for?

9 Oosterland is a fully fledged restaurant, not just a takeaway or coffee shop.

But TallOrder works for all food outlets, as well as retail outlets.

So if you run a bar, night club, coffee shop, spaza shop, food market, jewellery store or clothing store, TallOrder is the perfect POS solution.

Get TallOrder now

What are you waiting for?

It’s clear that TallOrder is the best POS for your business. So get in touch now for more information and we’ll get your business humming with a fantastic point of sale.

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