How a good point of sale system helps make happy customers, leaving you with more profit

A good point of sale works hard in the background to make your establishment run smoother, creating satisfied clients who return again and again.
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It’s the perfect evening.

A couple enters your restaurant. They’re apprehensive, yet curious, eyes darting this way and that, forming first impressions.

A waiter strides over to greet them, a welcoming smile paving their way to a table. He hands them a menu each.

They nod their appreciation as they take their seats and shift around, their eyes scanning the menus. The waiter highlights some of the dishes, as per your request. You know best, after all, because your point of sale’s analytics report revealed to you which dishes are currently best sellers.

In the meantime, would they like something to drink? Certainly, we have that, ma’am. Yes, sir, I can arrange that for you.

Drinks orders are easily taken and added to the bill, thanks to your intuitive point of sale.

Pruderies erode as time wears away the night and by the end of the evening you have two new fans of your establishment.

Your well trained staff, relaxed, poised and focused on customer satisfaction, helped ensure the couple had a wonderful evening.

It’s time to settle the bill.

Once again your point of sale adds to the couple’s delight, because it allows them to pay their bill the way they want to, making their transaction quick and painless.

The loyalty programme you’ve created using your point of sale easily persuades the new couple that they must return soon, ensuring future income for your establishment.

Yet another successful evening.

How different it is for restaurant owners who use an inadequate point of sale.

Their staff members stress about everything, from getting the customer’s order right to ensuring it reaches the kitchen and is prepared correctly, instead of ensuring customers are comfortable and enjoying their time.

And of course, customers pick up on this.

You, on the other hand, know better than to use an immature point of sale system. That’s why you’ll appreciate TallOrder POS.

Because it plays such an important role in making your restaurant run smoothly, your staff can relax and focus on the customer, not the system or their tasks.

Some point of sale systems offer you everything your establishment needs to run smoothly and for your staff to perform optimally, but they’re overpriced, leaving you in a constant state of panic!

An affordable point of sale leaves more of the money you’ve made in your till. That’s exactly what TallOrder does. It comes loaded with everything you need to make operations buttery smooth, but doesn’t cost you the earth to run.

It makes sense to invest in TallOrder, the point of sale system designed to help you make more happy customers, more often, while leaving more profit in your till.

Contact us today to learn more about TallOrder. Or take advantage of the 2021 starter pack.

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