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TallOrder Point of Sale

If you own a bar, coffee shop or restaurant in the Eastern Cape, or a retail shop, the TallOrder cloud-based point of sale solution is perfect for you.

Here are just a few of the benefits:
Offline capabilities
Accounting integrations
Inventory management
Loyalty feature
Alternative payments
Promotional methods
Debtor payments
Barcode management
Shift management
Lay-by agreements
Recipe management
Smart reporting
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Why you should invest in the TallOrder point of sale system

The TallOrder point of sale solution comes with a myriad of benefits for hospitality and retail establishments of all sizes. Read on to learn more.

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For retail

TallOrder can be used in any retail environment, including, but not limited to, the following:

Department stores
Service stores
Merchandise stores
Spaza shops
Popup stores

For hospitality

TallOrder can be used in any hospitality environment, including, but not limited to, the following:

Bars (pubs)
Food trucks
Bed and breakfasts
Night clubs
Coffee shops
Spaza shops
Takeaway establishments
Food and drink events
Food markets
Weigh-and-pay food stores

Accounting integration

With TallOrder’s deep, order-line integration to Sage and cloud-based account systems, you can enjoy quicker, more accurate accounting without the fuss of CSV exporting and importing.

Everything is centralised, taking the stress out of linking your point of sale to your accounting.

Alternative payments

Make it easy for any customer to pay by giving them the payment option they want to use.

Whether they want to pay with cash, card, a digital payment service, mobile wallet provider or NFC, TallOrder can handle any payment quickly and efficiently, giving your customers a smooth and satisfactory payment experience.

Card payments

Accept payments from card-carrying customers easily (and NEVER miss a sale) with TallOrder’s POS, which seamlessly integrates with leading card readers.

Cloud benefits

Because TallOrder runs directly in the cloud, you don’t have to worry about having limited access to your POS. You can access TallOrder from anywhere you can access the internet.

Furthermore, because TallOrder’s POS is secure, it keeps your data safe from crooked eyes.

But if you wish to grant employees or partners access to your point of sale, no problem. TallOrder gives you that ability.

And you needn’t ever worry about whether your system software is up to date, since TallOrder takes care of updates in the background, ensuring you’re always using the freshest version.


TallOrder makes it easy for you to offer your clients credit limits and payment terms, giving you another way to look after your loyal clientele, allowing you to build long lasting relations with people who love to come back for more of your offerings.


Manage a franchise with locations across the country?

No problem.

TallOrder lets you control and update pricing across all chains with the greatest of ease.

No more discord and confusion when it comes to price updates!

Furthermore, you can easily view reporting and crucial metrics in real-time across all branches.

Inventory control

TallOrder makes it easy for you to manage pricing and products, and to control purchase orders, suppliers and stock levels. You can also manage sales trends through an easy-to-use reporting system.

Hotel management integration

If you own or manage a hotel, you’ll love TallOrder’s ability to integrate seamlessly with Mews Systems, property management systems (pms) and RoomRaccoon (the all-in-one hotel management software solution).

When you use TallOrder, you give guests the opportunity to effortlessly charge items from gift shops, hotel restaurant, spas, et al, to their room number, making payments super convenient for your guests.


Give customers the opportunity to pay off their purchases in convenient instalments.

With TallOrder’s lay-by option, stock remains yours until the reserved items are paid off.

This fantastic feature opens the way for various income brackets to spend more at your establishment because they’re offered a payment plan.

It’s a win for both parties.

Loyalty programmes

What better way to get customers back to your establishment than to offer them a loyalty programme?

It’s much easier to sell to existing customers than it is to find new customers, and a loyalty programme makes it easy for you to create customers who keep returning.

TallOrder lets you set up a points-based or currency-based rewards system, allowing the customer to cash in on their rewards when they want to.

Want uber-loyal clients? TallOrder allows you to set up loyalty tiers too, taking loyal customers to a whole new level.

Mobile POS

With TallOrder, your point of sale is no longer stationery on a table somewhere (although you can set it up as a fixed POS).

If you’re not happy with the place your point of sale occupies and suspect you’ll make more sales by placing it elsewhere, simply move it.

Place it anywhere you wish: on a counter, a table or any location in a store and make it easy for clients to quickly pay.

Professional support

With many years in the point of sale business, Stellar Systems offers top quality, customer-focused support that’s a phone call, email, or WhatsApp away.

If you have a problem with your TallOrder point of sale (which will be few and far between), Stellar Systems will sort it out in no time.


Draw in even more loyal customers by running irresistible promotions.

With TallOrder it’s a breeze to set up promotions, which can be automatically calculated, giving your customers great deals, thereby increasing customer satisfaction.

Smart backend

The TallOrder point of sale’s smart backend lets staff enter purchases and orders easily.

Mistakes are minimal thanks to the intuitive UI that helps users avoid errors. The backend also makes upsells a simple process.

Our smart backend solution allow staff to enter orders and purchase quickly and with ease. The intuitive UI helps avoid mistakes and assists in upselling, helping complete orders in record timing.

Smart reporting

Because TallOrder runs off a secure, cloud-based server, you get speedy and faithful reporting any time you wish. (And remember, since it’s cloud-based, you can access it from anywhere, as long as you have internet access.)

This lets you see the most important metrics related to your business in an easy-to-grasp interface, allowing you to make market-oriented decisions, not feelings-driven decisions that could lead to unnecessary losses.

ToGo online ordering app

With TallOrder’s ToGo, let customers order and pay from anywhere and any device.

The order comes in, and you approve and prepare, ready for payment and collection.

More about ToGo