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the togo app by tallorder as it looks on various devices, including desktop, tablet and mobile

Meet ToGo, the online ordering app that integrates with TallOrder's outstanding point of sale

As if the TallOrder POS isn’t loaded with enough functionality, you also have access to ToGo, an online ordering app that makes it easy for your customers to order, pay and pick up.

Offering an online ordering solution makes it safe and convenient for your customers to order from you, their favourite restaurant.

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What makes ToGo special?

The TallOrder point of sale solution is fantastic for hospitality businesses.

The ToGo app takes it a step further by allowing your clients to order and pay remotely.

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Whereas previously customers would need to phone in or come in and sit down at your establishment, you can now simply send them a URL with your menu, from where they can place their order easily.


The ToGo app fully integrates with the TallOrder point of sale solution, making it easy for you to handle payments and view reports related to orders placed via the ToGo app.


In three simple steps your client can go from famished to feasting. It couldn’t be easier for your clients to order their food from you. And in our day and age, many people prefer fetching their food and eating at home.


The ToGo app only requires a small additional monthly investment, but it takes your establishment’s level of professionality to a level far beyond the monetary cost attached to enjoying its benefits.


Because TallOrder is cloud-based an offers you the ability to add multiple users, you can have staff members managing ToGo orders, leaving you to run the business, not micro-manage. And if you no longer want a particular person to access ToGo, simply remove them from the system.


As mentioned above, many people prefer to order their food, collect and head back home where they can eat in the comfort and safety of their own living- or dining room. The fact that you have an advanced online presence makes you an obvious choice for ordering their favourite things.

How it works

In three easy steps, your clients could be feasting on their favourite food…


You share your ToGo URL with clients, which they can access any time they want to place an order, provided they have internet access. Whenever they’re ready to buy something, they simply access the URL.


They view your menu and choose the items they’d like to buy, adding the items to a cart. Once they’re satisfied, they make a payment. Payments are done through a secure payment system with mobile wallet access.


You receive the order. Once it’s ready to be collected, the client is notified.