Keep your establishment neat and organised with these handy storage products.
DIHR Sixteen Compartment Glass Rack

Sixteen compartment glass rack

A fantastic polypropylene rack for storing glasses. If you run a restaurant where beverages feature heavily, or a busy pub, this is a great addition to your kitchen. Perfect for glasses with a diameter less than 108 mm.

DIHR Twenty Compartment Cup Rack

Twenty compartment cup rack

This is the perfect polypropylene rack for storing cups. if you run a busy coffee shop, this rack will help you keep your crockery sorted.

DIHR All Purpose Plate Rack

All purpose plate rack

A phenomenal polypropylene plate rack to keep your plates standing upright, which assists in drip drying.

DIHR Cutlery Basket

Cutlery basket

The polypropylene construction of this cutlery holder is great for grease- and detergent resistance.

DIHR Flatware / Cutlery Rack

Flatware / cutlery rack

This polypropylene flatware / cutlery rack features a mesh base designed specifically for storing cutlery.

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