Brand - DIHR

Model/s - AX161

Availability - In stock

AX161 compact tunnel dishwasher

A compact tunnel dishwashing machine with a digital thermostat for precise heating element control, auto-timer, two speeds and 70 / 100 racks per hour output.


Machine type - Tunnel

Output - 70 / 100 racks per hour

Total power - 23 kW

Number of speeds - Two

Width - 1080 mm

Depth - 715 mm

Height - 1535 mm / 1900 mm (with optional dryer)

Weight - 210 kg (gross)



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A top quality two speed tunnel dishwasher with a compact design perfect for smaller spaces.

The digital thermostat allows exact control of heating, avoiding water and heat wastage.

The auto-timer ensures the machine avoids unnecessary run time.

The AX161 also comes with a pressure reducer, as well as water spending control.

The machine’s counter-balanced doors are equipped with an anti-fall safety device and thermo-acoustic double insulated walls.

The machine also comes with balancing springs, located on the inside of the door.

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