Save money (and keep your customers safe) by using this industrial hood type dishwasher

Optimise one of the most tedious and time-consuming (yet uber important) activities in your kitchen by investing in a top dishwasher, and by so doing, keep your clients safe from harmful bacteria and viruses.
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Table of Contents

Few people like doing dishes, but in a busy restaurant it’s one of the most important activities.

It needs to be paid special attention to, since you don’t want potentially harmful residue from previous patrons to make its way to your next customer. This is especially true with the fear of COVID-19 hanging thick in the South African air.

Perhaps you’ve been a victim of food poisoning yourself after you’ve dined at a restaurant. I have. And it’s not desirable. Not only did it leave me with a bad taste in the mouth, I also had no problem telling people about where I picked up the ailment.

You don’t want people bad mouthing your establishment because they got sick after having enjoyed a meal at your restaurant.

Granted, it might not be the dishes or cutlery that’s the problem, but it could very well be.

By investing in the DIHR hood type washing machine you’ll not only be murdering bacteria, viruses and other ugly goggas, you’ll be doing it at an exceptional pace.

Complete cleaning station

If you invest in the complete hood type washing station your staff can have clean dishes in four simple steps.

Full Hood Type Dishwashing Machine
Full Hood Type Dishwashing Machine


Use a pre-rinse spray to quickly rinse off cutlery and crockery. (A)


Place the rinsed crockery and cutlery into the dish- or glass racks and slide them into the dishwasher. (B)

Air dry

Once the wash cycle is done, slide out the rack where the items can air dry. (C)


Simply stack the clean crockery and cutlery onto the rack dolly and leave them there to ensure damage free storage. (D)

Because the rack dolly comes with wheels, it’s easy for your staff to move crockery and cutlery to wherever they need it for easy access.

The speed at which these machines allow your staff to operate far beats doing dishes by hand, saving you big bucks in the long run.

In conclusion

Yes, dishes are a pain, but skimping on them not only makes you look bad—do you really want clients to see greasy spots on your crockery or cutlery?—it could be downright dangerous.

In extreme cases dirty dishes could land you in hot water.

Don’t be niggardly when it comes to dishes. Invest in a top dishwasher and get your crockery and cutlery done quickly and efficiently, and keep your clients and yourself safe.

See our range of dishwashers and order yours today.

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