The difference between a gravity fed and pump fed soft serve machine

There are advantages to both types of soft serve machines. This will help you choose the soft serve freezer suited to your needs.
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Soft serve machines come in a variety of flavours. One of the choices concerns the feed type: gravity feed or pump feed.

And although upfront cost might be your only concern when it comes to investing in a new soft serve machine, it should not be your only consideration when laying out capital.

By the end of this article you’ll know whether you should invest in a gravity soft serve machine or a pump model.


A gravity fed soft serve machine is cheaper than a pump model. The reason for that is simple: the gravity model uses something freely available (gravity), while a pump model comes with the addition of a pump.

But don’t make the mistake of looking only at initial layout.

What you initially save on the gravity model you might pay for in the long run on maintenance and the inability to keep up with demand.


Gravity fed soft serve machines are easier to clean. They have less parts, making it much easier to maintain.

Because gravity machines have less parts than pump models, overall maintenance will be cheaper. But remember, output from a gravity machine is inferior.

Here’s something to consider: if you get the heat treatment pump model, you’re reducing cleaning time significantly. In fact, you’re reducing a daily cleaning cycle to a two-weekly cycle, which makes a HUGE difference in the long run.


Gravity fed soft serve machines are easier to operate.

This is strictly only true if a pump machine has not been assembled correctly and is giving the operator trouble.

But it’s good to remember that a gravity machine will probably come with less hassles than a pump fed machine.


A pump fed soft serve machine outperforms a gravity fed machine when it comes to production speed.

That means if you’re using a gravity fed machine and you’re already pumping out several litres of soft serve every day but find yourself unable to keep up, a pump model will suit you well.


A gravity model might be a cheaper machine, but a pump model gives your soft serve a different look and taste.

That’s because the pump model offers better aeration, giving the end product a smoother texture that your customers will perceive as creamier than if they were made with a gravity fed machine.

A pump model soft serve also looks bigger on the cone than a gravity model’s soft serve.

A gravity machine’s end product, on the other hand, usually has a stronger flavour.

In conclusion

If you’re entering the world of soft serves for the first time it might be wiser to get a gravity fed model. Upfront cost is certainly lower than with a pump model.

If, however, you’re already whipping up soft serves using a gravity model and you find yourself unable to keep up with demand, you’d be pleasantly surprised by the superior output of a pump model.

Throw in the heat treatment soft serve option and you’ll be cutting down on labour beyond your wildest dreams; from daily to fortnightly!

Click here to have a look at our gravity fed soft serve machines.

Click here for our pump models. We also offer heat treatment pump models.

To your success!

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