The perfect soft serve business system

If you're looking for a system to run your restaurant, pub or retail shop, Stellar Systems can help. And although we offer what we believe is the best point of sale in the Eastern Cape, we offer more than a POS. It might just be the perfect business system, even if you're only trying to set up a small soft serve shop.
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So we saw a search term in our analytics which we thought was interesting: “softserve business system”.

I’m always curious to know what a searcher’s intent was. Was the searcher looking for a complete out-of-the-box soft serve business, as you’d find with a franchise?

Or was the searcher looking for a way to handle sales for an existing soft serve business?

Perfect POS

If the searcher was looking for a point of sale for their existing soft serve business, we’re the perfect company for the job.

That’s because we offer TallOrder, which is probably one of South Africa’s finest point of sale systems.

It’s perfect for small to large restaurants, pubs and retail outlets, and of course, perfect for soft serve businesses!

It comes with far too many features to mention in this post, so it’s best to take a look at the TallOrder benefits page to see the amazing advantages that comes packed with a price tag you’ll find pleasantly affordable.

Soft serve machines

But say the searcher was looking for a complete soft serve business, with soft serve freezers and a system to handle sales.

Again, Stellar Systems comes to the rescue!

We don’t just do the terrific TallOrder POS; we also sell a range of the finest soft serve freezers in the Eastern Cape (or Africa, for that matter!), made by Taylor, a leader in the field of food service industry machines.

The combination of a fantastic POS with the best food industry equipment can only lead to profit.

So if you’re looking to start a restaurant or pub, Stellar Systems can help you set up something that’ll get you going on the road to financial freedom.

Contact us for a quote on a POS and a soft serve machine.

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