This soft serve machine is good enough for a Michelin starred restaurant

Ollie Dabbous, one of the UK's finest chefs, opted for Taylor soft serve machines. Here's why...
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One of the UK’s foremost chefs, Ollie Dabbous, is at the helm of Hide restaurant, a Michelin starred restaurant in London.

In an interview with Taylor Mr Dabbous revealed why he opted for a soft serve machine and why he specifically chose Taylor.

His replies are surprisingly uncomplicated, given he’s a top chef.

Firstly, one would not necessarily equate a Michelin star restaurant with something as plain as soft serve. Yet, it’s this leaning towards simplicity that makes Ollie’s food so desirable. This simplicity extends to his choice in dessert too.

But Mr Dabbous isn’t only a food artist; he’s a businessman too. That means another factor is the bottom line. Just like any sensible businessman, Mr Dabbous wants to maximise income and minimise effort. He actually admits as much in the interview.

A soft serve machine requires minimal labour, yet delivers delectable delights known and loved by many.

So not only does it make sense to have a soft serve machine because it dishes up a popular dessert; it also makes sense because it does so efficiently and at a low cost.

Why did he opt for Taylor soft serve machines?

With so many cheap soft serve machines on the market, some business owners would not consider a Taylor soft serve freezer.

But upfront cost is not the only consideration when you invest in a soft serve machine. This is something an astute businessman like Mr Dabbous knows all too well, hence why he invested in Taylor.

Mr Dabbous chose the C723 gravity fed soft serve machines.

He says that his choice of a gravity fed machine was a personal preference, since the C723 gives enough aeration along with just enough density to deliver a taste he’s happy to share from his upmarket kitchen.

Mr Dabbous reveals that they serve up to 600 soft serves a day.

This sort of output requires machines that can handle the load without breaking down. Taylor offers him that peace of mind.

Another point he raises is consistency. In his line of work, at his level, he cannot afford to not consistently deliver the best taste experience. Taylor’s soft serve machines consistently deliver a delicious soft serve effortlessly.

With regards to cleaning, Mr Dabbous is suitably impressed by the ease involved with keeping their C723 machines clean, even mentioning the daily process involved with cleaning.

Clearly, a Taylor soft serve machine is a phenomenal investment for any restaurant owner who has the sense to see the superiority of the machine.

Take a look at our range of Taylor soft serve machines and make contact for a price and delivery.

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