Stellar Systems is a proud Authorised partner of TallOrder POS, South Africa's best point of sale solution.
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Welcome to Stellar System’s website.

Stellar Systems is a proud authorised partner of TallOrder, South Africa’s best point of sale system.

Why are we a proud authorised partner?

Because¬†TallOrder comes with more benefits than you can shake a stick at, making it the obvious choice for your business if you’re in hospitality or retail.

Here are some of the main features…


Because TallOrder is cloud-based, you can access your system from ANYWHERE, as long as you have an internet connection.

Accounting integration

TallOrder easily integrates with top accounting systems like Sage, eliminating time consuming manual actions like the exporting and importing of CSV files.

Loyalty programmes

The best customer is an existing customer.

Make it easy for them to return by setting up irresistible loyalty programmes.

Smart reporting

Want to increase sales?

Then make sure your company is market-driven.

TallOrder’s smart reporting function makes it easy to see what the market wants.

Access the smart reporting function from anywhere (where there’s an internet connection) and get valuable marketing insights which can help you make market oriented business decisions.

Inventory control

Keep tight control of purchase orders, suppliers and stock levels. Also easily manage sales trends.

There’s more

We’ve looked at just a few of the benefits of using the TallOrder point of sale system.

Click here to learn more about TallOrder and make contact for a no-obligation follow up.

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