Why you should invest in a heat treatment soft serve machine

A heat treatment soft serve machine can save you mucho money. Here's why.
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So you decided to get yourself a pump fed soft serve machine. It turned out to be a great investment, since your soft serve is selling well.

The problem is, the upkeep of the machine is turning out to be a real chore. It must be cleaned every single day.

That’s where a heat treatment soft serve machine will save you a ton of time and effort.

A heat treatment soft serve freezer is a self-cleaning machine.

With a standard soft serve freezer you’re forced to clean your machine daily. The heat treatment soft serve machine comes with cutting edge technology that alternately heats and cools your machine throughout the night, cleaning itself.

This offers the added benefit of maintaining your soft serve at food safety standards for up to two weeks, significantly reducing your time spent cleaning.

That means you can keep serving soft serves confident in the knowledge that your customers will not come down with some ailment because you didn’t keep your equipment clean.

All in all, a heat treatment soft serve machine is a phenomenal investment. It reduces cleaning time and product waste, leaving you with more time and consequently, more profit.

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